Meet the Director

Gail Scott Manager and Principal: Gail Scott

Gail has a broad background in all styles of dance, Acro and Musical Theatre and has studied in Canada and the US since she began her dance career at a very young age. Gail is a diversely talented teacher and her inventive choreography has bean acknowledged through many prestigious awards and scholarships. From the classroom to the stage, Gail is able to transform dance into unique and special works of art, each displaying passion, commitment and unbelievable heart!

Gail also prides herself in meticulous technique and challenges and encourages all students who come under her care to reach their personal best. Many of her former students are thriving in the professional dance world and in 2013, one of her students, Lukas McFarlane, proudly won Got Dance, UK.

Gail established Danscott Studio in Calgary in 1982 and has proudly remained the director and principal teacher since it’s inception. 2019-2020, Danscott Studio proudly celebrates it’s 38th Anniversary!

Gail has a special way of touching children’s lives and inspiring them to express themselves through dance and ultimately creating everlasting memories. Danscott Studio, a uniquely different and dedicated studio where the focus is on each and every dancer to be their best. Gail’s dedication to the art of dance creates a presence that is unmatched.