BALLET COMBO:  (Pre-School age 4 and 5 years)
RAD BALLET GRADES:  (Primary to Grade 8)

VOCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation,
(Advanced 1, Advanced 2 is available semi-privately / privately)

All levels include a corresponding Pointe/Demi-Pointe class. Advanced
Foundation and higher must also register for a separate Advanced Open Ballet
Class where additional technique and Pointe training is reinforced.

This Advanced Open Ballet class will be mandatory for all Higher level Vocational
students and is optional for Intermediate.


All Vocational students must also be registered in a ballet grade unless the student has successfully completed their Grade 8, RAD exam.


Choreography is not offered in the regular Vocational Classes; any extra choreography will be at the teacher’s discretion and will happen outside of regular classes .

PRE-JUNIOR JAZZ/TAP COMBO (Pre-School age 4 and 5 years; Junior 5-7 years)
PRE-COMPETITIVE JUNIOR DANCE (Ages 8-12 years) - For dance beginners or having minimal experience. A fun introduction to Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Contemporary.

Sure to inspire all our young stars, this creative program will explore both Jazz and Tap steps. A fun filled program, taught by qualified instructors please see our Dance Attire information for more details.

TAP: (Adapt Syllabus): Junior 1/2 to Intermediate 3 Levels (age 6 and up)


JAZZ: (Adapt Syllabus):

Junior 1/2 to Intermediate 3 Levels  (age 6 and up)

“B” Levels, Jr 2/3 B and higher must also be registered in a Technique and Progressions class.

“B” Levels, PI 1/2 B and higher must also be registered in our Stretch & Strength class.

“A” Levels, Jr 3/PI1 A and higher, must be registered in a Technique and Progressions class; the Stretch & Strength program is optional.

DS Admin will place students in the appropriate levels.

Stretch 'n Tumble: 

This acrobatic and stretch program is for children age 5 and up who have had
limited or introductory acro experience or who have completed our Stretch ’n
Tumble programs in the past and are continuing to expand their acro skills.
These students will be introduced to acrobatics and tumbling and also focus on
flexibility. This class will be strictly for training purposes; choreography will
not be offered.

Acrobatics A/B:

These programs are available to dedicated students who have mastered several
acro movements and who are interested in developing and perfecting their acro
skills further. Dancers must be interested in expanding their acro knowledge in
all areas. Flexibility is also a focus for these classes. The division of these
classes will be determined by the teachers and studio director after considering
both age and ability.  A corresponding questionnaire regarding student’s
acro capabilities must be filled out at the time of registration as well as an
Acrobatics Waiver and Release Form.

Acro Intensive 1/2/3:

Participation in these classes will be by invitation only from the Danscott
teaching staff and studio director. Class placement will be determined after
considering both age and ability. This program will run for the entire dance year
and will be sure to encourage capable students to work hard on learning new
acro and tumbling skills as well as perfecting existing tricks. Our goal is to use
these skills to enhance any extra choreography that might be offered.  An
Acrobatics Waiver and Release form must be signed when students register
for this program.


Classes will offer and explore different styles of Lyrical.
The teachers will concentrate on perfecting and strengthening technique and also
performance ability. An emphasis will be placed on musical interpretation and
emotion. Please note that these classes may include more than one level of
dancer and are available to  B levels: Jr 2/3 B and higher and A levels: Jr 3/PI
1A and higher. Students registering for Lyrical must also be registered in a
yearly Jazz and Ballet program at Danscott. Students will be placed in
classes by their teachers and also according to age and their jazz/ballet level.
Competition involvement will be determined by the teacher and studio director.

Technique and Progressions: (Junior 2/3 B Jazz and Higher & Jr 3/PI 1A Jazz and Higher)

All tech/prog classes will inspire dancers to drastically improve their
overall training by refining technique and placement necessary for
their specific jazz level. Turns and jumps will also be a focus in this
program. Appropriate tech/prog levels will be determined by the
teachers and studio director.

Contemporay: (Sarah Dolan)

DS is excited to announce that Sarah Dolan will be joining our regular teaching faculty this
season! Sarah will be teaching all our Contemporary classes and we will be offering 2 levels
in ’20-’21. Sarah will be introducing the dancers to many creative new styles, all to enhance
their overall dance experience. These programs will also include weekly conditioning as well
as exciting new combinations.  Level One is available to PI 1/2 B and PI 2/3 B Jazz students
and a Second level to Int 1 B, Int 1/2 B, Int 2 B and Int 3 B (Adapt) level Jazz students or
Advanced Foundation Ballet levels and higher. These programs will run all year long and
involve choreography but competition involvement will be determined by Sarah Dolan and
the studio director.

ADAPT Exam Preparation for JAZZ / TAP:

These extra classes are for students in Jazz /Tap levels, who are invited by the DS teachers and are
working towards a 2020 exam. These classes will only be offered for 6-8 weeks and will be
completed before our Adapt exams in early December. Dancers will register for these programs in
late September, through the studio office. Detailed information will be available from your
teachers when dancing starts in the fall.

Musical Theatre:

We will be working on different Jazz styles with a focus on improving performance ability, singing and acting, through Musical Theatre. All students are required to take a Jazz class in conjunction with the Musical Theatre class. This class is offered to students starting at the Jr 2/3 B and Jr 3/PI 1 A and as high as Intermediate 3B levels of Jazz.  All grouping of classes will be determined by age, dance ability, experience and commitment.  The musical theatre levels will be determined by the teachers and studio director and scheduled accordingly.  Participation in competition will be at the discretion of the teacher and studio director.

Hip Hop / Street Jazz: (This program will be offered as an 18 week Session, starting in Sept and will include 3 levels.  See a summary of class dates and times when registering.)

These programs continue to be exciting for Danscott!  Our hip hop/street jazz classes are available for dancers at a Junior Level, 6 years + or a Junior level of dance; dancers at a Pre-Int 1/2 B, Jr 3/PI 1 A and PI 2/3 B; and a third program for  PI A,  Int 1 B, Int 1/2 B, Int 2 B and Int 3B Jazz level.   These hip hop/street classes are sure to deliver an exciting experience and will absolutely enhance your child’s overall dance training. See our separate handout for more details as well as registration for dancers who are not already registered in a yearly program at Danscott.

Stretch & Strength: (his program will be offered from Sept to the Spring Break, 2021..)

Body Conditioning for dance…..a class that will tone and stretch muscles as a means to improve our general technique and strength.  We will work on whole body conditioning that will enhance your dancer’s overall performance ability.  This class will run from September to the Spring Break, 2021.  Jazz dancers in B levels, PI 1/2B and higher, must be enrolled in this program.  This program is optional for A level dancers.

We are very excited to announce that we will be adding an Adult class to this inspirational program.  The class will follow an aerobic and muscle conditioning format, designed with adults in mind.  Improve your balance, aerobic endurance, flexibility and muscle tone and join in the fun.  This adult program will run from September 2020, stop during our Winter break and then run until our DS Spring Break, 2021…..don’t miss out!  See a separate Adult Stretch & Strength form for further information and registration.

Partnering and Adagio Class:

The emphasis for this program will be on instruction and performance experience in partnering and is sure to motivate and inspire us to reach new heights. This program will be offered providing sufficient participation. Dancers, who will be eligible to attend these classes, will be invited by the Danscott teaching staff and studio director. Watch for further details in early September.