Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars

Danscott is excited to offer sessional programs for our up and coming young stars.

Tiny Toes:

For children 3-4 years, we will offer a “Tiny Toes” program: a program which is more of a general introduction to dance, music and movement. An experienced, mature instructor will be teaching these classes and we are sure the classes will inspire and encourage everyone. Classes will be offered Saturday mornings.

Calling all 3 & 4 Year Olds!

Join us as we start our next Tiny Toes Sessions.

November 6, 2021.

January / February 2022.

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Be-Dazzled - For 3-6 years

For children 3-6 years, we also offer a program called Be-Dazzled! This is a monthly program with a new and creative theme each month.  Students will make crafts weekly, enjoy a story time, participate in fun and engaging games and of course, dance!   Our experienced teacher, can’t wait to work with your child and explore the learning process together.  Separate handouts, including detailed information and registration forms, are available on our website as well as the studio office. 

Full Year Dance Programs for Mini Students