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"I wanted to thank you for everything that you and the DS teaching staff have done for Aubrey and our family over the many years! We love that Danscott has a warm, family-oriented, boutique studio feel where every dancer is individually focused on, and caring & positive teacher-student relationships are formed. Aubrey’s confidence, inside and out of the studio, has grown so much because of this and she’s also made some truly wonderful friendships with her DS teammates.  Aubrey’s technique & abilities have grown immensely due to the work ethic instilled by DS faculty with their positivity, passion, & support. Thank you Miss Gail & Miss Aleigh and all DS teachers for everything you have done! 💕”- Karen K.

"Eight years ago, my daughter started her first dance lesson at Danscott. She was a very quiet girl, and I knew nothing about dance. We never imagined that she would compete on stage. To our delight, not only has she became a competitive dancer, everyone in our family learned a lot about dance. Danscott teachers are caring, and there is a spirit of encouragement and teamwork among the dancers. We have made so many lovely friends, including teachers, dancers, moms, and families. Danscott has been such a source of joy for our whole family.”-Ningxu C.

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